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Dark_Manor is a vampire and BDSM rp. It is set in a castle.
You can must join as a vampire. Sorry no humans allowed, but you can either be a Master or a fledgling.

1. Make sure the character you want to play is not already taken.
2. Set up a journal for your character, with an introductory post explaining a bit about your characters background, how they came to be at the manor etc. If you prefer to keep this entry locked, please add a mod to your friends list so we are able to read it.
4. Please update your journal once every two weeks. Journal checks will be made and anyone not sticking to the rules will be given a time in which to update. If you fail to update your journal within the allowed time, you will be removed from the comm, unless you have cleared any reasons why you are unable to do so with a mod.
5. Character's must be between the ages of 20-200, fledglings should be young.
6. Mpreg and pregnancy is allowed, however characters must maintain pregnancy for at least 9 weeks.
7. If there is a character here which you would like a storyline with, confirm it with them first (If you are accepted.) However, no means no, so please don’t continue to harass that person if an agreement isn’t reached.
8. Characters must be someone in the public eye (models, band members, actors etc).
9. SN’s must be on aim. Please relate the sn to you character. (not sxybabe23 etc)

Your Mods:

Character Name:
Character’s Journal:
Character's SN:
Master or Fledgling:


Angelina JolieVampyrAngelinaangelinabite
Brian MolkoGirly Molkomaster_molko
Brody DalleDeathXSexxxdeath__sexxx**
Christian BaleMasterxChristianmasterchristian**
Derek Grantbloodyhell firebloodyhell_fire
Ewan McGregorEwanxMcMasterewan_mcmaster
HydeMc x Hydehyde_x
Jonathan Ryhs MeyersMasterXJRMmaster_jrm
Kurt Cobaincruel cobaincruel_cobain
Lars Fredericksenx rated lars_lars_is_sex_
Matt SkibaSkiba On Blacklightxmexaflame
Maynard James KeenanMaynards Halo__maynard

Amy Leeamysliesamys_lies
Bam Margera bamie boybamie_boy
Billy MartinBilliam xXxbilliam_x
Christina Ricci Christina x rchristinaxr
Christina ScabbiaMorbidFaeryDollxinareveriex
Craig Nichollswinningdays12craigscrazy
David Havok AFINinjaVamp15davey_bites
Ian Somerhalderlost soul ianlose_ian
Ian WatkinsShinobIxIaNdarkmoonwatkins
Jepha Howardjephsbloodlustxjephsbloodlustx
Jeordie Whiterottenmisfittwhitexasxtwiggy
Jeremiah Rangel heartsmiahheartsinnocent_miah
Joel Madden joel 1zzlenightmare_joel
Johnny WhitenyBurn Johnny Burnleverhymejohnny
Lauri Ylonenlauri bites backlauri_letters
M. ShadowsXxShadsxX__shads__
Mike Shinodalpmike211mystic_mike
Mikey Way xMikeyxWayx__mikeyxway__
Rachel McAdamsRachelxKillsmissxrachel
The Reverend reverend plagueunholy_reverend
Tom DelongeToms Not Crazy_____tomdelonge

** - indicates mod status

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Rose McGowan → NecroXRosenecro_rose_ [[Necromancer]]

NOTE: Out of character posting belongs in dm_ooc
Thank you!


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